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Update Fields in Test Executions

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Update Fields in Test Executions

We have added a couple of useful fields (for us) in the test executions.

HW Revision

HW Serial Number

SW Variant

We have these set up as 'Select List (Single Choice)'


Is there a way to pre-populate these fields with the appropriate information when creating a test cycle?  Is there a way to select a set of test executions and update them this way?


Getting halfway through a 280 test case run, and manually going back and making sure that they are all appropritely identified is a bit cumbersome.









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To be able to do that we need the ability to see and manage test executions in bulk with the ability to edit non-critical fields, or have our custom fields displayed in the Test Cycle>Test Cases tab - unfortunately neither exists.  We can control some of the information, but not what you're looking for - screenshot below.


For me this is a common issue and it's a good candidate for the roadmap portal:

Under consideration - Zephyr Scale | Product Roadmap


Smartbear support are here if you want to try them as well:

SmartBear Support








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Thanks for the help. This is what I had thought.  

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