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Unable to get traceabiltiy report using Rest Api's

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Unable to get traceabiltiy report using Rest Api's

Folks, i have a use case where i need to get all the testcases associated or linked to a userstory via rest api, i did try various option only to meet at a dead end any pointers on this will help

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I'm not a big user of the APIs but from what I think I know, User Stories are a type of Issue, and Issues are Jira objects.  My guess is that there's a Jira REST API that you need for that.  I did a quick search and the link below might be of help.  Alternatively, there is the Zephyr Scale reports option in the Issues section that might work for what you need.


Retrieve user stories under the Epic via REST call | Jira | Atlassian Documentation


Hope it helps?

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Hey @MisterB ,


Thanks for the reply, however i was trying find an api which will give me the list of testcases associated with a userstory


For example if a user story US-1290 is associated with test cases TEST-01, TEST-02, i wanted to use an API to get back TEST-01, TEST-02 when i pass US-1290 as part of the request, i do see such api exists in Jira on-prem version and not on cloud version, if some api that does exists please let me know will be happy to use them



Lokesh Raju S

Hi Lokesh,


I'm unable to help with this one.  I'm on the server version and am not all that familiar with the Cloud APIs.


Sorry I can't help.  Good luck!



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