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Test case Version

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Test case Version

I need to be able to save different versions of a test case in separate folders. Has anyone been able to do this? 

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Hi @DonnaR ,


well, that's an interesting question and I had to go check what the behaviour here is.

Seems like you can set the folder for each version individually but since in the test case grid you only get to see the newest version, it won't have much effect. Reports don't work with this either.


So, in essence, you can set the folder seperately, it just won't do you any good.


Maybe contact support, because if you can set the folder, it should have some effect. 😉




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Thanks Josh,

That's what  I found. I've already raised a ticket with Zephyr Support. will update here with the response.




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Zephyr's Response:- 

This is the current expected behaviour of the Product, when moving it will always revert to the latest version, in this scenario 2.0

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More on Versions , I asked > "if I have 2 versions of a test case - can I not archive just one version?

Zephyr's Response: 

Unfortunately not. When archiving the Test Case it’s as a whole including all the Versions inside, they will also be archived and a specific version cannot be kept/deleted.

I understand this is not ideal but as a workaround, you could remove all the Test Script steps and change the name of this Test Case's specific version to something similar to [INACTIVE TEST CASE], so that all the users would be able to see they should remove/ignore the mentioned Test Case version. 

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