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Reg Licensing

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Reg Licensing


We are using the trial version of Zephyr Scale. I got question regarding the cost aspect.

In our organization we got all IT people (around 250) using JIRA. But we got about 40 people who are belonging to QA department. Once the billing cycle starts, does the pricing gets calculated on the no. of users using Zephyr Scale like adding test cases, executing them, etc. ? 

Or the billing gets calculated based on the total no. of JIRA users who got logins in JIRA instances ?

Is there a way, where the billing of Zephyr Scale could be restricted to 40 users only inside JIRA?


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Hi, @vivekram! Thank you for your question.


Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to restrict the billing of Zephyr Scale to the number of users that actually use it. The price will be based on the number of users of your Jira instance.


This is the standard for Jira and Confluence apps as mentioned here  Which license do I choose when purchasing an app?


I hope you find this helpful,


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Thanks @jfelix 

This is really disappointing.  I appreciate that this is a limitation set by Atlassian and not Smartbear but unfortunately it makes your product not financially viable for us.  Like vivekram, the majority of our Jira users will not require Zephyr Scale and so we would be paying for licenses that would never be used.


As a supplier I believe Smartbear should put pressure on Atlassian to resolve this limitation.  Both Smartbear and I guess Atlassian are losing out because we cannot financially justify your product for all our Jira Users.


Thanks, Jason

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