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Recover from archive Test cases


Recover from archive Test cases

Hi When recovering Test from Archive they go into  the "None" folder which is not visible (😭
This means sifting through the root ( first) folder which could have 1000's of test cases - 

Does anyone know of a quick way of finding the unarchived test cases ( other than by labels, owners, or any other flag) it would make sense for Zephyr to place unarchived Test cases into an imaginatively  named folder (like Unarchived 🎉) away from the bulk of cases .  Hope you get my point .  

Looking forward to your insights ( other than find by label etc) 

Thanks in advance 

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Hi Nasar,


It's a good point and it would make absolute sense for unarchived tests to go into an 'unarchived' folder.  You could suggest it here: Under consideration - Zephyr Scale | Product Roadmap


As for finding those test cases, we know they will be in the root folder of "All test cases" and we know they will not be in any other folder, so, this feature should help you locate them:







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@MisterB Thanks for the tip on how to find cases with no folder but due to lack of discipline 🤕  we have of the 3610 test cases 1249 are no assigned to a folder - I hang my head in shame while I try to convince my colleagues to be disciplined .

Have made suggestion on the need for unarchived folder , am confident that the folder  will get emptied once the person moves unarchived to appropriate folders otherwise we would be back at step one 

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