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No Regression Test coverage

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No Regression Test coverage

I'm looking for a way that allows me through a dashboard or through a report to compare how many Non regression tests were done against the total number of tests, to verify that they are at least a 45%?
Counting that I am starting a new project, how should I set up the test cycles to achieve this result? Is it convenient to work through Label? Or create a test cycle to be re-run at each release where I gradually add No Regression tests?


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I've found labels to be a convenient way of filtering test cases for this purpose.  You can thereby mark some cases in this way and report on their execution status.  Dashboard gadgets would work particularly well in this case as they can display % or number stats.


Perhaps another way that might help is to contain your regression tests in a separate cycle and that way you can run and re-run those when you need to and exclude/include the results as you need.

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