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Migration from Testrail to Zephyr Scale


Migration from Testrail to Zephyr Scale

Does anyone has experience with migration from Testrail to Zephyr Scale server? I just need to make sure that all test plans, runs, labels,..., etc. will migrated smoothly and without any issues to Zephyr 



Are you planning on migrating via excel spreadsheet or via APIs? I have used API scripts, they work well and give you the ability to help realign the naming conventions if there are differences between external tools and Zephyr Scale. 

Can you share the step by step process as well as scripts, as even we're planning to migrate to zephyr scale from testrail (~15k cases), and we have attachments as well associated with testcases

This is a work in progress that I have, it does not include attachments, but does include test cases, test steps, and test executions. It is an example script so mapping of the Test Rail fields to Zephyr Scale fields still needs to be done. The example scripts uses Zephyr Squad (Instead of Test Rail for your use case) 

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