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Migrating to Zephyr Scale

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Migrating to Zephyr Scale

I am working to migrate our test cases from QTest to Zephyr Scale.


I have exported everything from the existing solution.  The export is a zip file containing attachments, and an excel workbook, with each sheet containing testcases.

Based on my understanding, i will need to do the following steps:

* Separate each of the sheets of the workbook, into individual files

* Convert the xlsx files to csv

* Manually import the csv files to Zephyr

* Manually bring in the attachments


Are there any tools, outside of the simple import capability that require these steps?

I have started to look at the REST APIs provided, as an option to do a direct import from QTest, however, before I do, I would like to understand if there is any better tooling available.



Hi there,


The steps you outlined are correct and the most straightforward way to import test cases from another application. Using an API is an option, but there are no other important tools. I hope you have a smooth transition to Zephyr Scale 🙂


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