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JQL functions not available

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JQL functions not available

Hello all

We recently started using Zephyr scale. Now we wanted to filter the first Jira points with the JQL functions which are described at Smartbear support. Unfortunately Jira does not find these functions and always gives an error. "JQL function 'hasLinkedTestCycle()' cannot be found."
Do these functions have to be specially installed?

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Hi @Testee,


Please pay attention to the fact that these features are available only in Zephyr Scale Server/DC. Zephyr Scale Cloud doesn't have such functionality. Are you using Server?


Also, please take a look at this community topic - there was a great conversation about hasLinkedTestCycle function:


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Are there plans to release this in the cloud version as without it it really limits my ability to provide reports my client needs. Thanks

Hi there, we have the DC version of Zephyr Scale, but I can't find the JQL functions listed on this page: 


I checked and the app has all 160/160 modules installed and enabled.


Zephyr Scale Version 9.5.0

Jira version: v8.20.11


Any thoughts on how to enable those JQL functions in our Data Center installation?

Disregard previous message.  I found the jql functions; I wasn't using the right operators in my search by first specifying the issue and then the additional jql operators.  I figured it out and it works.  Thanks!

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