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I did something and now my view changed!

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I did something and now my view changed!

Test Cases, Test Cycles, Test Plans, and Reports were buttons along the top right and now they are not buttons, just clickable headings on the top left.  Normally I wouldn't mind but I am in the middle of capturing screenshots for documentation and need consistency.  Not sure what I did.  Help, please!

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Could it be your browser settings?  Have you tried logging in with another browser to see if that works?

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I'm sorry if that caused a bit of a disruption for you due to your screenshot session for documentation. We indeed have changed how the header looks like, in favour of a better UI/UX but also for continuing our technology improvement on the frontend and extended use of Atlassian's native components.


Because there hasn't been a change in functionality and the visual change is contained within the header, we didn't anticipate any negative impact from users, but a rather positive feedback since now the header looks super nice 🙂


I hope that is not much of a trouble for your documentation process. Also, please feel free to share with us and the community your needs for documentation, as that can help us improve the product documentation and require you to write less.




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