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How to reorder test cases

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How to reorder test cases



I have the following structure (keep in mind, that neither test plan, nor test cycles are creted in this case):


The question is - how to reorder the test cases as it's displayed on picture (red arrow)?

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I'm guessing that the solution you're after is not to sort by the test case ID, which would solve the problem in the example you gave.


I think you're asking how to sort test cases by name but have them display in an order or your choosing.  In the example you gave, you could prefix the name of the test case to include a number that will successfully sort in the order you want them displayed (when sorted by name):


Video playback (ads) - 1. Pre-Roll

Video playback (ads) - 3. Post-Roll

Video playback (ads) - 2. Mid-Roll


If I've misunderstood please let me know.

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Thanks for the reply. Actually, what I need to is to sort the test cases in order that I want to (it's not necessary by name or id). So probably the example with arrows wasn't the good one. Esential is the possibility (if such exists) to reorder them in way, that follows my idea for ordering. Is this possible? 

Hi @pangelov ,


what is the use case here? Why do you need to order them in this way?

Just trying to understand, to see if there is an alternative solution.




I don't want to sound rude, but the question is - is it possible or not (based on currently implemented funtionalities of the product), and not why do I need it.

Then the answer is no, it's not possible to re-order the test cases in the test cases grid apart from the sorting options @MisterB already mentioned.


Just keep in mind, that if you look at this from the point of view of the features the tool might have or not have and not what you actually want to achieve with the product as a means to an end, you might miss the actual solution to your problem.


It's a bit like treating a symptom and not the illness.


Anyways, happy to help, if you want to discuss this any further.




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Hi Pangelov


You could sort by Key and not by Name, this will fix your current issue (kind of an ad-hoc solution).


For other cases, you can:

1. open Zephyr Configuration menu.

2. Go to "Custom Fields: Test Cases".

3. Create a new field and name it "Test Order" and set it as a Number.


Then just update this field in your test cases and define your view to sort by that field.

Kind of a backward solution but it will give you the order you want


Cheers ^^

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