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How to create multiple test script by using different test data

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How to create multiple test script by using different test data


i am using the Test data with 5 different values n each row in my Test script.

When i run the script, it gives the single script with 5 rows . Is there any way we can generate seperate script for each data.

please help me on this.


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Could you please provide more detail?  When you say Test Script I assume you mean Test Case...


As an example, does your test case look like this?


TestCase 1

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Step 3: 

Step 4: 

Step 5: 


Do you want to convert TestCase 1 into 5 TestCases?


TestCase1 (was Step 1)

TestCase2 (was Step 2)

TestCase3 (was Step 3)

TestCase4 (was Step 4)

TestCase5 (was Step 5)




Thanks for replying my Post.

My Requirement :, I need to test 2 users (Manager and supervisor) are  having a permission to add the Bank details or not.

Followed steps : Created Manager & Super visor as a Test data and call the "Add Bank details" (Using Call to Test").  Moved the Test case in to Run bucket and run the Test case

Actual :  

In Run Cycle, The same test case shows as 1 test cases with 2 Test Rows. 

Expected : 

Since the tester put effort to run this test cases 2 times (first time with Manager and second time with Supervisor) can we split the test cases also 2(1 for  Manager test case,  1 for Supervisor) instead of combined script.

So that the Test execution Report also will show the executed count as 2 instead of 1 .


Attached the Test cases with 2 Test user and the Run Cycle how it looks for your reference. Run Bucket shows both uses are in single script. I want to split these each rows(Row1, Row2) as separate test cases




Thanks for the detail.  I think I understand what you want to do.  Did you know you can Clone test cases?  Cloning a test case is the same as copying and pasting the whole test case into a new record.  You could clone your test case twice (one for the Manager, one for the Supervisor), and then for each, delete the steps that are not relevant for the manager and supervisor.  After that you can then add your new Manager and Supervisor test cases to your cycle.


I've attached a screen print of where the Clone function can be found.


Let me know if it works?



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