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How to attach a file to a test case/step (creating tests)

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How to attach a file to a test case/step (creating tests)

Hi All,


While setting up test cases, i am wondering how i could attach a file to a test case/step so that when a tester executes the test case, a file is available to check.


For example, the test case is "download file and check to see if same as attachment" - this test case downloads a file and if it matches the file which is attached to the test step or case, then the test passes. 


How and where to attach the file to be compared with? 


I can see in the test data section of the test step there are options for insert link, picture but thing for a file. I hope im explaining this correctly.  

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Yes, this is possible.  Please see this post for the solution, which is to use the Add File option within each test step.  I've added the text of the solution below but the link includes screen prints as well:


Solved: Re: Show attachments from a testcase in a testcycl... - SmartBear Community


Test Script (Steps):

Another option that is useful is to add files into the Test Script (which shows as the test steps in the lower section of the Test Player).  The advantage here is that you could show for example, screen prints to support expected results , etc.  To add attachments into the Test Script steps, go into the Test Case where before you were clicking on the Attachments tab, but instead of doing that, click on the Test Script tab.  In there, for each step, you will see an option on the right-hand side of the step to Attach Files (screen print also attached for you).


Hope that works for you!



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Thanks Mister but the video(loom) that Nancy posted to support it working doesn't work anymore.


Forgot to say im also on Zephyr Scale Cloud and so i cant see the Attach files option in the test step within the Test Script tab. 


I  can see from the comparison (, under the "Managing Tests Cases From Within Zephyr Scale" section that Attachments in the test step level is not supported (i hope that reflects what i am trying to achieve)


Do you remember how it was achieved from Nancy's post in the end?

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An interesting note from the cloud migration guide:

"Note about attachments: Even though the Cloud version does not currently support attachments for test steps and test cycles, they are still migrated, but will not be displayed in the Cloud just yet. When support for attachments is added to Cloud in the future, all migrated steps and cycles will have the attachments they had in the Server version, even if you migrate before this feature is available."




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Thanks everyone - adding an attachment does work and gets attached to the Details section (under heading Attachments). Visible when you are in the test player mode and you may need to expand the Details section.


However, adding an attachment to a test step (prior to execution), and seeing it in the test step during execution does not work

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