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How to View Plan-Cycles-Test Cases in a Hierarchy format

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How to View Plan-Cycles-Test Cases in a Hierarchy format

I am trying to not have to move across multiple screens to get a sense of the hierarchy once I setup my Plans-Cycles-Cases.  What view can I use to see my overall cycles and cases that are coming out of a Test Plan I create with these subparts?


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Hi Kep,


The Cycles page is really quite useful as a dashboard and may suit your needs.  On the right-hand side of the page, just after the Search box you should see 3 icons.  Looking at each icon from left to right, you can:


- group cycles by different criteria (first icon)

- decide which columns you view (middle icon)

- and filter the view by multiple criteria (last icon)


Plus you can also drag the fields in the order that you prefer, and some of them are sortable. 


My recommendation is to play around with these settings.


Columns you will know what you want but Progress is invaluable (hover over it for instant feedback), and Status is also useful.


Filter is useful to filter by Plan if you want a dashboard specific to a plan, and you can also add other criteria like status, excluding any descoped cycles for example.


The Grouping feature is useful if you want to see all plans and cycles (or by using the Filter option, see a few plans together) with their cycles grouped under each plan.


Hope that helps.



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Thanks a lot for your help MisterB!


Hi @KEP, I see that you replied straight to the email notification, this way, your reply won't reach the Community. Let me copy its content:



Great suggestion.

Thank you.



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