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How can I add a completed test run to a test cycle?

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How can I add a completed test run to a test cycle?

I want to add tests to a test cycle after I have completed the test in a sprint. How can I do this? The tests would need to carry with them, into the cycle, their pass/fail status. 


Hi, @testcaseone! Thanks for your question.


Test cycles are designed to be used within a sprint. Then, you can update their status as you perform those tests.


If you have a test execution that is not linked to any test cycle (for example, you executed a test case directly from a Jira issue), you can't add those results to a cycle.


If you use automation tools to perform the tests, you can import the result file into Zephyr Scale: it'll create a test cycle with the test cases, along with their status.


I hope this answers your question, but if this solution does not meet your needs, you may raise a feature request in the Ideas Portal:


Zephyr Scale Cloud Ideas

Zephyr Scale Server/DC Ideas



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