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Email notification when I assign test cases to my team

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Email notification when I assign test cases to my team

I need team members to get an email notification when test cases are assigned (or re-assigned) to them for execution. I know it isn't a feature currently in Zephyr Scale, but it is a feature I desperately need.

This is particularly important as we ran several UATs across the year, involving several people in distributed location. The most efficient way to assign a test to the is for the action to trigger an email notification

This is a feature that SmartBear needs to look into, because a lot of competitor applications can do it. My teams have recently moved to Zephyr Scale, from Azure DevOps, where such a feature was available. 

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I'm also with you on this feature as well.  It's been asked about before in this community.  Same deal re us waiting for the ideas portal to come back online so we can request and vote for these types of things.

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