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Data-driven testing - how to use non-dataset data in Zephyr

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Data-driven testing - how to use non-dataset data in Zephyr


Could you please advice on how I can use other data source then Zephyr data-set (eg csv, excel sheet, xml, SQL database) as input data for my manual test cases?


The manual describes that it is possible, however this doesn't explain how it can be achieved.


"Data-driven testing (DDT) is an approach to test design where the test data (input and output values) is separated from the actual test case. The test data can be stored in one or more central data sources and shared across different test cases. By storing your test data in a central repository (local storage, Excel spreadsheet, XML file, or SQL database), you can run the same test with a new set of data each time, avoiding redundant design and execution of repetitive tests cases. Toward the end of the test cycle, you can store test data to provide a clear audit trail of what was and wasn’t covered by a test."





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I don't think this is actually available even though it says it is.  It has been requested as a feature enhancement on the ideas board for both server and cloud.  I've posted a couple of links to those 'ideas' below (for the Server version) where you could add your vote if you wish (I've added mine).  Sorry that doesn't help you with your immediate requirement though.


As a user, I can upload datasets via | Zephyr Scale Server/DC Ideas (


As a user, I can import parameters & | Zephyr Scale Server/DC Ideas (


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Thanks @MisterB for prompt answer.

I hope that SmartBear will update the manual so as not to confuse anyone. Of course, a desirable solution is that other data sources for DDT approach are also natively supported by Zephyr DC, at least .csv file.

This is a must have to support data driven testing as well as migrating or aligning automated tests to manual tests.  When will this functionality be added,  I'm really not wanting to type 50+ rows * 10 columns of data.  There isn't even the ability to past the data.

And I read that this could be done and told my manager that it could be done.  Now to find out it can't be done is mud in my face and mud in Zephyr's face.

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