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Can I see all defects in a test cycle?

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Can I see all defects in a test cycle?

When I create defects during Test execution (Test Cycle) , I can see each defects are linked as issues in test cases. 

But I want to see all defects generated in a test cycle. 

Is it possible to see all defects with JIRA links which is generated in a test cycle?

I cannot find  it in traceability or report section.






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Defect Status or Bug Status in defect life cycle is the present state from which the defect or a bug is currently undergoing. The goal of defect status is to precisely convey the current state or progress of a defect or bug in order to better track and understand the actual progress of the defect life cycle.


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I'm guessing you're using the Cloud version, which at present is missing Issue reporting.  The Server version has an Issues reporting section - no idea why that wasn't ported over to Cloud as well but it's an annoyance in the short term while we wait for those to be released (coming soon I hope).


As a workaround you can create a custom report to find test executions in a test cycle that have linked issues using this option...




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