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Cadence for feature request reviews?

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Cadence for feature request reviews?

Looking at the Feature Request Board - wondering when the backlog grooming of new ideas occurs and if we'll get feedback on any features we have requested that are NOT accepted for implementation?


Why I'm asking - I have a unique use case that I'm interested in using Zephyr Scale for -

  • Test scripts are written in a platform-specific language - mechanism to execute test case planned to be using Jenkins to send testing jobs to test platforms
  • Test scripts configuration managed in Git repo
  • Test case modification review and signoff planned to occur in SmartBear Collaborator
  • Requirements associated with tests are stored in other systems, not Jira tickets (DOORS, Simulink, Cameo)
  • Expected results associated with tests are directly linked with requirements
  • Test execution results will return from test platforms with expected results and associated PASS/FAIL status (CSV format)
  • Test execution data result review, disposition, and signoff planned to occur in SmartBear Collaborator

I really like Zephyr Scale's ability to semantically name versions of a test case (Git is not awesome at that), to create test cycles and plans, and to view test execution history - but I need a way to import more information into the test case structure, a way to view my test script that "lives" in Git, a structure to associate separate requirement line items, and some additional features to support my standard work.


Is there a way to request a technical consultation before trying to convince my leadership and procurement people that 

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It sounds like you need to contact Smartbear directly for this request.  I imagine someone from their sales team could help.  I've added a link to their contact page for you:


Contact Us | SmartBear

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Regarding technical consultation, it is not a service Smartbear provides today. I would encourage you to leverage our API to sync your script located in Git with Zephyr Scale. Using this API, you can create test cases, update scripts, link test entities to Jira requirements, and finally upload your results from the pipeline.

Regarding the feature request, it is a continuous effort. However, we have hundreds of ideas in our backlog, and obviously, we cannot deliver each. The ideas in the public portal have a significant number of supporters and we have not even started them yet. So it will take time to cover the ones that are not yet in this roadmap.

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