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11 months ago

Cadence for feature request reviews?

Looking at the Feature Request Board - wondering when the backlog grooming of new ideas occurs and if we'll get feedback on any features we have requested that are NOT accepted for implementation?  ...
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    10 months ago


    Regarding technical consultation, it is not a service Smartbear provides today. I would encourage you to leverage our API to sync your script located in Git with Zephyr Scale. Using this API, you can create test cases, update scripts, link test entities to Jira requirements, and finally upload your results from the pipeline.

    Regarding the feature request, it is a continuous effort. However, we have hundreds of ideas in our backlog, and obviously, we cannot deliver each. The ideas in the public portal have a significant number of supporters and we have not even started them yet. So it will take time to cover the ones that are not yet in this roadmap.