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Automation Updates Wrong Test Version through API

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Automation Updates Wrong Test Version through API

In Zephyr Scale Cloud, if a test case has more than 1 version, and the test is being run through automation with the results being posted back to the test case through the API, the the results are posted to the latest version only. In some instance this is incorrect as version 2 might not yet be in use, and current executions still happen on version 1, but there is no way of indicating which version to use through the API.

It appears that the automation does in fact execute the correct test externally, but just posts those results to the incorrect test version online, so the recorded evidence (and hence any reporting) is very clearly misaligned and will not make sense to anyone trying to audit results.


Has anyone experienced that and have any ideas/workarounds?

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So no one else has this issue? Can someone at Smart Bear respond, or must this be logged as a support ticket?



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Hi, @Juliecal73! Thank you for your question.


Just to make it clear, you are uploading test results to Zephyr Scale via the automation API? (/automations/executions)?


If so, it's not currently possible to define which version of the test case should be used and the cycle created will always contain the latest version of that test case. I'm afraid there is no workaround for this.


You can only select the version when manually creating test cycles.


If you'd like to see this feature in the app, you can raise this idea in the Ideas Portal:

For Server/DC:

For Cloud:

Thanks for the response @jfelix, I had suspicions that this might be the case.


Is anyone using specific work arounds for this that are working for them?

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