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Zephyr Test Execution Search is not working

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Zephyr Test Execution Search is not working

Hi ,


I tried to save the test executions Search , now when i'm to trying to open the saved Filter its saying no tests found . i tried with other searches as well , gives the same result. IDeally the search for Zephyr Test Execution is not working. Please help me unblock from this issue

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Clear the browser cache and cookies. Perform a re index of both Jira and Zephyr for Jira. If the above steps don't work check if the "block third party-cookies" option in the browser (here Chrome ) is opted. talktowendys surveyzop


Hi there,


I'm sorry you're having trouble with searching test executions.  Here's the documentation on how to perform a manual search re-index:


Give that a try, and please let me know if that works and fixes the search issue.



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