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TestLeft is not taking screenshots when events occurs.


TestLeft is not taking screenshots when events occurs.

I would like know how to make TL to take screenshots on events like a click on a button and key typed in a field. As you can see in the picture below none screenshot was taken during my Windows calc test.



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Automated screenshot capture (aka Test Visualizer) is currently not supported by TestLeft, but feel free to submit a feature request here.

You can log the screenshots manually by using the Log.Screenshot method. You can also have a screenshot logged on error if you use Driver.Options.General.PostImageOnError = true.

Helen Kosova
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This feature is already implemented and will be available in the upcoming release of TestLeft.

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Hello and thank you for your feedback!


Question for discussion: Would it be also a needed feature for you to add Visualizer to the Testleft Object Store where you will be able to search around a UI picture and see the correct object highlighted in the object store for easy find in a complex object tree? How needed is this for usability?


Thank you,






Leandro de Araújo Souza

Hi Masha,


If I got your question right...

I would agree with Leandro and better ask for the 'Highlight on Screen' option for the TestLeft's Object Spy context menu.

Yes, I know that Object Spy displays an image of the selected object but: a) this image cannot be zoomed in/out and thus it is not always possible to correspond it to what is displayed on the screen; and b) there are situations when it is difficult to highlight the needed object in the tested application using the Object Spy. Instead, it is more convenient in these cases to highlight some object in the nearby area and then use Object Spy tree to navigate to the required object. And 'Highlight on Screen' option would really help in this case to ensure more quickly and with more confidence that the correct expected object was selected in the objects tree.

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I strongly agree with AlexKaras on this.



Leandro de Araújo Souza

Is this really in?

I have the same problem as the OP with TestLeft 14.10.

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