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Is their a capability to run tests in parallel using testleft

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Is their a capability to run tests in parallel using testleft

I have a desktop based application. Thinking if I can setup a way to run multiple tests across my VM's.

I can see test complete has the feature using test excute. Can we leverage it for running using TestLeft.

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No way, according to my level of knowledge.

But I think that it should be possible to start a required set of tests via some CI tool or just scheduler on those VMs.


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You are able to run tests created by testleft inside of testcomplete (whether that be like a maven project etc.)

So following that logic,  the prerequisite would be that you have network connectivity to your vm's and that those vm's have a testcomplete/testexecute/testleft license on it, and that you utilize some CI tool to launch those tests in parallel across those vms that have those licenses

Justin Kim
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