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testexecute from scheduler possible to activate desktop session


testexecute from scheduler possible to activate desktop session

Until recently we have been running tests inside an always open vmware player guest host, but is there a way for testexecute to activate a desktop session from task scheduler. Running directly from task scheduler gives me a session locked.

Company domain polices prevents me from overriding power and sleep.



You do need an interactive user session to run testcomplete/execute. We use jenkins to do what you're trying to achieve but you will still need a interactive user. 

I am not sure if this will help you but you could try this with a second user


TestComplete's sessioncreater feature might be what you're looking for

Hope this helps.

Justin Kim

Thanks @Reshail , even as local administrator (laps) I only have 3 entries in

Group policies: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon

which only relates to running scripts on login.


thanks @hkim5, session-creator does not propagate other parameters to the tests, we have lots of parameters we forward to the test complete environment.

I never got it to run, it does not have the /run parameter, my tests never starts.


I have command line scripts for both testcomplete and testexecute and they both need the /run parameter to actually start.


Below are my startup scripts, as you see there are a lots of own parameters that we pick up with a parser and put into Project.Variables,

session parameters like /UseSameSession /useSessionN should be built into the testexecute binary. because this is what is started form task-scheduler.


start from test execute:


& "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SmartBear\\TestExecute 14\\x64\\Bin\\TestExecute.exe" "C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_test4\\TestProject\\LraTestProjectSuite.pjs" /r /p:EpicIteration /lraenvironment:SemiReal /lrapath:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_test4\\TestedApp" /lrapathlocal:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_test4\\TestedApp\\LraClient.exe /appconfig:TestConfigs\\local-test4.config" /lrapathbuypass:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_test4\\TestedApp\\LraClient.exe /appconfig:TestConfigs\\buypass-test4.config" /lrapathmixed:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_test4\\TestedApp\\LraClient.exe /appconfig:TestConfigs\\mixed-test4.config" /e /el:"C:\\SharedArea\\reports\\SemiReal\\Win10-202003061024\\index.mht" /testUsersDatafilePath:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_test4\\TestProject\\Stores\\Files\\mobjtest-test4.json" /executionTime:"202003061024" /ErrorLog:"C:\\SharedArea\\reports\\SemiReal\\Win10-202003061024\\errors.log" /ForceConversion /SilentMode



start from test complete:

& "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SmartBear\\TestComplete 14\\x64\\Bin\\TestComplete.exe"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_8065\\TestProject\\LraTestProjectSuite.pjs /r /p:EpicIteration /lraenvironment:SemiReal /lrapath:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_8065\\TestedApp" /lrapathlocal:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_8065\\TestedApp\\LraClient.exe /appconfig:TestConfigs\\local-test22.config" /lrapathbuypass:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_8065\\TestedApp\\LraClient.exe /appconfig:TestConfigs\\buypass-test22.config" /lrapathmixed:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_8065\\TestedApp\\LraClient.exe /appconfig:TestConfigs\\mixed-test22.config" /e /el:"C:\\SharedArea\\reports\\SemiReal\\Win10-2020.03.06_10-24-50\\index.html" /testUsersDatafilePath:"C:\\SharedArea\\TestAutomation_8065\\TestProject\\Stores\\Files\\mobj-test22.json" /executionTime::"2020.03.06_10-24-50" /ErrorLog:"C:\\SharedArea\\reports\\SemiReal\\Win10-2020.03.06_10-24-50\\errors.log" /ForceConversion /SilentMode /exit


@mortenb123 :



I did not use SessionCreator, so wondering whether created session closes when test run is over or remains open?

If the latter, you may consider scenario to open a user session using SessionCreator and run some dummy test. Then use your CI tool to start real test run in the already existing session as usual.


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