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testcomplete 12.50 not recording


testcomplete 12.50 not recording

Is anyone else having an issue with TC 12.50 only recording a fraction of what it's supposed to?


I tried recording a script and keyword test, but both are not recognizing 90% of what I did. 

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What happens when you try?  Can you give us some specifics?

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It's not recording any keystrokes whatsoever

What type of application? If web, what browsers and their versions? What modules do you have licenses for? Has this worked before? 


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It's a Delphi Desktop app and I was able to record keystrokes yesterday.

Has anything changed between yesterday and today?


Can you see any of your applications objects in the object browser? 


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I don't know what would have changed so TC doesn't recognize keystrokes. What are common causes of this?


Yes. I can see my application objects in the object browser.

A number of things really could cause this, which is why I was asking if you know personally of anything in your environment that may have changed, there are a lot of moving parts so just trying to narrow down what changed to troubleshoot those areas first.


Do you still have the Desktop module installed? If you go to File > Install Extensions do you see Desktop checked as well as Delphi application support underneath desktop?


Also, it may sound silly but have you simply tried rebooting the machine you are recording on?



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Not silly at all.


I can't think of any environment changes and I tried rebooting as well as re-installing. 


I said earlier that it recognized my objects, but it only shows them in the tree. When you click on them in object browser it just shows a black space where the object picture should be.

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