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picture captured in wrong place

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picture captured in wrong place


Im using lap_top to run tests and my main screen is separate monitor.
Running from main screen was ok using Log.picture(My window,'','')
But when I get pictures while running on second screen, it gets screen shot of wrong rectangular area
no windows overlapped
Any idias?

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Can you show us the actual Log.picture code?  I'm guessing there's an issue because the two monitors are not the same size.

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Below is the code I'm using


                  Delay(2600,'Just you waite.......!');
                             if (Aliases.MyApp.StndImportExecute.FindChild('ObjectIdentifier', 'btnExecute', 10,                                                                                                                                                          750).WndCaption=='Completed') {
if (Aliases.MyApp.ErrorDlg.WaitProperty('Exists',true,500) ) {
             Log.Picture(Aliases.MyApp.ErrorDlg, "this is the MSG", "Extended Message Text");
             if (Sys.Process("notepad").Exists) {
                         //some more codes not relevant to this...............
            }          }

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