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objSpread2 missing error in "excelcompare"

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objSpread2 missing error in "excelcompare"

after installing the "Compare Excel files" ( and trying to run it, i was faced with an error saying that the "objSpred2" was missing and i can't find any fix for it, does anyone has any clue on what causes the error and how to fix it?

Excel Compare Error.PNG

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sorry for the late answer, as i could not work for a week i didn't had time to test, now that i can test out the solutions, i have some difficulties still

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i'm not sure about the second point, when i download the script, they don't apear as zip files, but as ".tcx" files, witch makes it impossible to crack open, also, i tried using the code of "Compare Excel files" ( instead of the "Quickly Compare Excel Files" (, and it apears that TestComplete just can't compute "ExcelObj"

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i figured it out, thanks to all of you, thank you very much, it turns out that the script apparently didn't installed itself properly



Thank you for the update and good to know that the problem is solved.


when i download the script, they don't apear as zip files, but as ".tcx" files

Script extensions are .zip files with .tcx extension. Either open them as zip archives or change extension to .zip to examine their internals and revert back to .tcx when done.


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