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mathematical operations with variables in KeywordTesting

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mathematical operations with variables in KeywordTesting


In my project I need to subtract two values to compare with another value.

My problem is how to subtract two values (or add, or any other simple mathematic function)

I have created two variables which store my values. And I need make an addition or subtraction and need to create a new variable for the result. After that I will compare the result with another variable for verification.

Which method or operation should I use? (I'm creating test cases with keyword tests)

Please can you help me on this issue.

Thank you.

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Use Set Variable Value (lots of screenshots to follow)


first pick your result variable out of the list




then Next and choose Code Expression, then select your first variable, enter a +, then select your second variable




You will end up with this



Click OK and then Finish and you will see this in your test





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An algebraic expression is a collection of numbers, variablesoperations, and grouping symbols. You will translate an unknown number as the variable x or n. 

The grouping symbols are usually a set of parentheses, but they can also be sets of brackets or braces.

In translating expressions, you want to be well acquainted with basic keywords that translate into mathematical operations: addition keywords, subtraction keywords, multiplication keywords, and division keywords .





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Thank you for your help. It works


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