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log postprocessing

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log postprocessing

does anybody use log postprocessing?


- remove unwanted entries?

- remove unnecessary Pictures?

- some clever comparison with previous results?

- ...?

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For the pictures, I would just turn them off in the project properties until the time comes that you need them for debugging.  


What other unwanted entries are there?

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There are lots of entrries in the log useless for me. An example are the "The window got Focus" Events, but also others


I do use Event handling to get the log I want.

So I could suppress anything I do not really want to have by Event processing, even Pictures. I also take TC Event items and put in my application data there as controltype and caption.


The Problem is, that TC 11 messes up the Picture logging sequence when I apply my test libraries. The Support was not able to reproduce the error, and I was not allowed to let them have our application.

The test libraries are based on ODT.


As a Workaround, when I Keep the unwanted Event items, the Picture sequence is resynched again.

So, I can't turn off the Picture logging. 😞



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You Can try this. it may help you.




' here is your statements which is generate log like - Window got focus/Window was click/Keyboard input




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