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local appium server and the bitbar_findDevice parameter error

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local appium server and the bitbar_findDevice parameter error

Hi I have a problem, when I try to test a mobile application with Test Complete.



I have a local appium server with UIAutomator, so I am not using BitBar and when I try to connect to my device I have the following error:


All non-standard capabilities should have a vendor prefix. The following capabilities did not have one:bitbar_findDevice






The problem is that Test complete send bitbar_findDevice parameter by itself without the vendor prefix so there is no way to avoid it even if I add the following


I still get this error.


But those parameters works with the inspector application




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I guess that the problem is due to the appium server version. the appium 2.0.0beta66 is not compatible with test complete.

reading this blog

I guess that I have to try to downgrade to the last appium V1.xx


Can someone confirm if appium 2.0 is compatible with testComplete?


Many thanks


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Hi, states that "A private mobile device cloud managed by Appium. [...] The supported Appium version is 1.20.0."


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