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is sharing projects in projectsuites supported in TC?

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is sharing projects in projectsuites supported in TC?

I have following situation:
1. created projectsuite1, with 2 projects in it;
2. created projectsuite2, with 1 project in it;

Now I want to implement Keyword test from Projectsuite1, to Projectsuite2.

I selected "add existing item" , then the open file popup doesn't display the keyword tests, while these are located.

Is this use case supported in TestComplete?

Is sharing of projects across different project suits supported?



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I can add any project to any project suite... that's supported just fine.  What you're doing is correct... but you need to understand that the "add existing item" is adding a file.  So, the keyword test you want to add is a file located on the hard drive, probably in a default location according to the project in which you ORIGINALLY created it.  So, to add it, you'll need to browse to it in order to select it.


Keep in mind... a Project Suite is not like an "application"... adding a project to a project suite does not automatically give all projects in the suite access to the same information.  The Project is the primary, the suite just organizes projects.

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Thanks for your reply, Robert.

Mathijs, is your question resolved? If so, do you mind accepting Robert's reply as a Solution or posting your own?

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