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iOS Mobile testing


iOS Mobile testing

Can we test iOS mobile application for mobiles hosted on Perfecto or BrowserStack cloud using TestComplete or do we need to connect physical device using USB? Also, are there any other alternative other than using physical device?

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Yes you can test IOS application through BrowserStack (Apps live plan) on Iphone and Ipad.

About Perfecto i don't know it.


If you want to use TestComplete, you'll be able to do only visual testing.

To do automation that access to application objects in memory on these kind of platform, you need to use their own solution.


Some info on Browserstack here:


Perhaps consider Bitbar ?



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Thanks for your reply.


I wanted to do automation testing using TestComplete for iOS mobile. Can my devices be hosted on BrowserStack and my TestComplete code communicates with BrowserStack devices?



Native iOS applications can be tested only locally.

Web applications on iOS can be tested either locally or in the cloud but only with the latest version 14.40 of TestComplete and only using the cross-platform mode (introduced in 14.40).

Any cloud that supports Selenium automation can be used.


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Awesome tips, Community!


Hi @pankajjain2050! Please mark the most helpful answer as a solution here🙂

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