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how to focus on specific screen if there exists two same window application screen

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how to focus on specific screen if there exists two same window application screen

I am testing Windows application, like Create New Member. After i input data in "New Member" screen and click on "Save" button, then click on "Add Dependent" button, it will open the "Add Dependent" screen and same as "New Member". Now it seems that TC always focus on "New Member" screen, so TC will failure when need to input data in "Add Dependent" screen. So how can i just focus on "Add Dependent" screen.


What does your namemap look like?  And what are the mapping criteria for MRMEMBNT01?  Is there another mapped object in the namemap similar to MRMEMBNT01 (perhaps MRMEMBNT01_2?) and, if so, what are *its* mapping criteria?

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The MappedName of "Add Dependent" and "New Member" window both are "Aliases.Caesar.CSR_MAIN.MDIClient.MRMEMBMNT01", so when i playback the Add Dependent operation, it will always focus on "New Member" window and failure. Please refer to the screenshot for more details.


And if i use the Fullname property as Add Dependent operation's object name, it can playback the Add Dependent operation successfully, but each operation's response time is very long, each operation take about 12 sec. I have not found better way to resolve my question, can you help to check it. Thanks!


Again, You are mapped both windows as same Aliases.


You need map the both windows as separate Objects in Namemapping.



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I don't understand what you means, and how to map two window in different way.


And i use Object Spy to obtain Member Type field's properties of both two window, the MappedName property are same, the Fullname property are different, so i am using Fullname property as object name, but the response time is very long, do you know any other method to resolve this question. Pls refer to the attached screenshot for more details.

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