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getting XML DOM tagName fails

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getting XML DOM tagName fails

Microsoft XML DOM Properties page shows "tagName" as a property. But when I try to use it with

# Python
Log.Message("Node tag: " + mynode.tagName)

I get "AttributeError: The object does not support this property or method"

I can use "nodeName", "nodeValue", "xml", "text", or various other properties with no problem.

Indeed, the "xml" property shows the tag name and the value.

But how do I get just the tagName? Why doesn't it work, or why is it not supported?

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Tried this:

function testTagName() {
  let a = Sys.Browser('*').Page("").Panel(1).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0);
  Log.Message("TagName = ", a.tagName);

And it worked, give me DIV


So by TC it's ok.

Do you load an external XML ? with which method and which driver ?


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This finally worked for me:

# this "mynode" is the parent of the node with the text value
# 0 indicates an Element
# This may need refining if the Element node has qualifiers within it
if aqObject.GetVarType(myNode.nodeValue) == 0:
  tagName = aqConvert.VarToStr(myNode.nodeName)
  subNode = myNode.childNodes[0]
  myvalue = aqConvert.VarToStr(subMode.nodeValue)
  Log.Message("tagName " + tagName + " has value " + myvalue)
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