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files inside scroll bar unable to select in desktop application

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files inside scroll bar unable to select in desktop application

files inside scroll bar unable to select, Need solution for this.



Share ocr code 



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Hmm .. what did you expect with so few information ? and a Hello is always appreciated ...


I agree, need a solution ... Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy



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So... what happens when you try a quick record of the desired action?  How does TestCOmplete interact with the objects?

I'm GUESSING.. that the contents inside the component are some sort of frame or embedded object or something that is not recognizable by TestComplete.  YOu MAY need to use something like OCR, Image based testing, or navigation using keystrokes.

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You can consider a few solutions for this task:


1) Try to add new 'custom' object into Tools -> Current Project Properties -> Object Mapping.

2) Try to use the 'Text Recognition' solution.

3) Use Image Repository

4) Crazy one: use coordinates inside this specific parent object

5) Use OCR

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Thank you for helping Community!


@sathish_subrama please check the solutions the Community members advise that you use and let us know which one works! Updates on the progress are appreciatedSmiley Happy

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