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different mapping between chrome and firefox

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different mapping between chrome and firefox

Hello everybody
I noticed that if I use chrome to do a test and immediately after the test I run it with firefox the test dies because firefox does a different mapping than chrome. how can I avoid this problem? in your opinion complete tests can understand which browser you are using and consequently use the correct mapping?



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That is correct... however, define "mapping"?  Because, sure, it will detect the browser, but you have to understand that different browsers may render applications differently.  So, sometimes properties may change, hierarchies may change, etc.  So, while the BROWSER may detect just fine, some of the other pieces may not.

Your screenshot that you supplied... well, it doesn't really give enough information.  We see the objects... but how are they mapped?  What's their hiearchy compared to the other objects?  What properties are used for mapping them?


To be able to debug your mapping... well, we need to see the actual mapping.

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.. and moreover, sometimes, depending upon devs or techs used, components could be different between browsers ... 😞

No magic sure but by spending your time on good selection of attributes/properties to define as safe and fixed, you avoid lot of problems.

If you can, ask to the dev team to introduce an unique id just for u in their code. It(s just a best practice to do for them so !

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Thank you Community!


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Hi @asavoia,


my 2 cents, there is a great article in our documentation explaining how to do cross-browser testing in TestComplete. I recommend that you read it:

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