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Is there a support for Delphi 10?

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Is it Borland Delphi 10 you're wondering about?


So am I. Think there are moves afoot to migrate our Delphi stuff onto that version at some point as well.


Think the IDE is quite different. No idea about compiled code though. With a lot of the 3rd party stuff ours uses, which I don't think has ever been upgraded, I'm hoping I'll "get away with it" ... !

marsha many thanks. I think i should make an update from TC in next time.


Colin. I asked my developer. He told me at the moment the programms are written in X8. 

But we have some developers who work with Embarcadero Seattle 10.


I'm a little frustrated at the moment. Dblklick doesnT work since 2 days. Test which worked a long time fails. and so on. So i thougt that new code was written in Seattle 10.

Maybe its a performance problem. I started Taskmanager yesterday. my Programms without test complete need 80% from CPU. Running it in a test, needs about 100%. 


have a nice sunny day

XE8 and Seattle 10 are both listed as supported?


I also wonder if Borland Delphi 2006 is also Delphi 10? (In which case, I'm covered!) Delphi 10 was released by Borland in 2006. Not sure what the accepted naming of it is? I guess I'll find out when I get an updated EXE using it!


Not sure why your double clicks have stopped working? You could always substitute in a little low level mouse action to simulate it instead?


And, amazingly as I'm in Scotland, it IS a nice sunny day! Hope yours is too .... Smiley Happy

Borland made a IDE for Pascal.

in 1995 they started with delphi. 

In 2006 Delphi had to go to a subsidiary company called "codegear"

In 2008 Embarcadero bought Delphi.


Yes its sunny and hot in Austria. 




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