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check extension is installed on browser.

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check extension is installed on browser.

How can Check extension is installed on browsers or not by using script.


Hey Kaii, 


The extension is used only in chrome so its only chrome you need to check


Have you multiple instances of chrome? 


For other browser prepparation the steps are different so see the below link for reference


Hope this helps 




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Based upon your previous messages and conversations, I understand that you're doing most of your work in CBT environments.  If you are having a problem with running a chrome test on a CBT environment where it's stating that the extension is not installed, that is a support question for the CBT team...and I believe you've been given the advice to open a support ticket with that team.  Have you done so?  If so, what was the response?

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Hi @tristaanogre 

Yes... I raised query for same and below is the reply.

"The test failures I found are related to a SetUpBrowser function in your tests that closes an existing browser window before opening a new browser with OpenBrowserWithURL.
When the new browser window is launched this way, it does not always contain the user profile information needed and causes the test to fail. I would recommend posting the URL to the existing browser window instead of opening a new browser to see if that produces more consistent results for your tests."


And below is the function I am using.


Sub SetUpBrowser
 While Sys.WaitBrowser().Exists
 Call Sys.WaitBrowser().Close()
End Sub



Sub OpenBrowserWithURL (BrowserName,URL)
Dim firefox,InternetExplorer,Chrome,Edge, Browser

If (BrowserName="Firefox")Then
ElseIf (BrowserName="InternetExplorer")Then
Browsers.Item("iexplore", "11", Browsers.pX64).Run URL
ElseIf (BrowserName="Edge")Then
ElseIf (BrowserName="Chrome")Then
End If

Browser = Browsers.CurrentBrowser.Description
Log.Checkpoint("Browser Details: " + Browser)
Log.Checkpoint("URL: "&URL)

End Sub



Thanks for reply.

Yes.. I am working on multiple instances(CBT).

I have already gone through thelink provided by you but now I am looking to check extension status on browser.

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Thank you everybody for helping!


Hi @kaiiii, thank you for sharing the support's reply. Did you manage to solve this?

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