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calender view has System.Windows.Controls.StackPanel - how to read status


calender view has System.Windows.Controls.StackPanel - how to read status

I have calender view , where the scheduled task will be displayed . It will display the status of task like Started, Queued, Completed, Skipped or cancelled. It uses Windows.Controls.StackPanel. I am trying to read "Display text"using python script.

please find the attached screen shot. If any one can give input on how to find the control what i expected from the stack panel.


I have to read status of particular Recipe and Type in selected  day and and time.


Thanks for help.


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did you tried with object spy?

what was the result?

Hi Thanks for the response.  I am able to find control .here my question is if I want to read the status of particular  day. how to use variable on finding child.

For Ex:

If i create a task to run every 1 hour , then per day 24 events will be displayed in calender view like that for a month .

Once the time is passed the status of task will be updated in calender view for that particular time incident. 


I always find the control using  Constant Name and value .

I need to pass the selected date to find the control like WPFObject("MonthDay", "", 28). Here 28 is day=28, here i want to use variable for checking the status on particular day.


Can you please give information / link for how to use variable on  WPFObject("MonthDay", "", 28), only for that no 28. 

I am new to test complete and script. please guide me if i am wrong. thanks

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