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batch file?

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batch file?


I want to execute keyword test everyday, same time. I want to check the keyword test how run well. 

So, I created batch file using window's notepad. and set schedule on window settings. 

But the first problem is.. batch file doesn't start. when I double click the batch file, It looks like execute. but anything doesn't comes out. 

I wrote on the batch file like below. 

"\\Client\C$\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 14\Bin\TestComplete.exe" "C:\Users\Folder\Documents\TestComplete 14 Projects\projectname.pjs" /r /p:Check


And more, I want to ask How can i use  'TestExecute'

I downloaded 'TestExecute'. and start the application, the message comes out  'Cannot launch another instance of this application'




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Make sure that your batch file command line for TestComplete follows these rules


The message "Cannot launch another instance of this application" means that you already have TestComplete or TestExecute running and you can't run two instances at once.  Check Task Manager and close any other instances before you try the batch file.

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