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hi, how can i create array or list of arrays by jscript?

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function twoDimArrays()
  var vehicals = [["Toyota", "Nissan","Volvo"],["Honda","Yamaha","Halidavidson"]];

Thanx but I didnt mean to matrix... I need to create an array with value=0 and insert the value at a specific index.

How do iI first create the array and how can I insert value to the specific index?

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Check out below... basic JScript/JavaScript array operations.

function demoArray(){
var myArray = [];
myArray.length = 5; // sets the array to have 5 elements
myArray[2] = 0; // sets the 3rd element (with index of 2) to value of 0

Might be worth checking out and related links... I know it says "JavaScript" but JScript is just, for all intents and purposes, an old version of JavaScript.

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