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another question - ddt using MTM parameters

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another question - ddt using MTM parameters

Is this possible? Is there an ADOdriver for this, does anyone know?

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Hi Lane,

May I wonder what are those MTM parameters?..
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Yes! MTM is a front end to a specific set of TFS items. (I guess they are considered work items). These test cases are created with steps in them. Within a steps, one can use a symbol that specifies a parameter. For instance, a step might say

- Login with @UserName.

When a parameter is introduced into the test case, a grid appears at the bottom of the test case window allowing entry of rows of data.

When running a manual test case in the runner, the runner iterates through the rows in the table so that the tester runs the same test against each of the rows of the parameter table.

In a Coded UI test, you can use the parameter table to drive the data driven test. Thusly upon execution, the data that was run through is saved with the execution status. Also one would not need to maintain a separate database or excel file for the test case data.

Does that make sense?

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Hi Lane,


Do you want to access these parameters via MTM's GUI? Or via internal properties after the integration with TestComplete?


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Internal properities after integration with Test Complete.
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I am not being clear. What I want to do is create a test case in MTM using parameters. I then want to add rows to the parameters table for the test case. I then want that parameters table to be the data that drives a Test Complete data driven test.

It does not necessarily need to be integrated within MTM. It could be a separate question, I guess. The way Coded UI does it is that they just have a DDT driver specifically for MTM test cases. That driver works against the test case parameters. So even when run while under development (not integrated into anything) the DDT still works.

Does that make sense? I am guessing that this functionality does not exist today. Not a show stopper for me. Just a curiousity.
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