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Why screen resolution becomes smaller when I disconnect RDP connection?

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Why screen resolution becomes smaller when I disconnect RDP connection?

Hello support team,


I have several virtual machines running TC, and only one of the machines has this issue. When I launched TC and had it running with RDP connected and desktop displayed, the test was running fine and display resolution was correct (1679 x 907). However, if I keep TC running but disconnect the RDP, the display resolution seems got to smaller (1023 x 625). So it failed some of the test, because some of the objects collapsed when the window size shrinking. Below are 2 screenshots taken by TC on the same page with and without RDP connection. Does anyone know why it is happening and how to fix it?

Browser page with RDP connection:


Browser page without RDP connection:



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You need to log in to the console of the remote machine and set the desktop resolution on the console.  This behavior you're seeing is normal because RDP connections set a different resolution than what is on the console.  So, when you disconnect and send the session back to the console, the resolution re-adjusts.  

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Thanks @tristaanogre 

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