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When a test is paused during playback, are all of the application-under-test's threads also paused?


When a test is paused during playback, are all of the application-under-test's threads also paused?

When I specify a breakpoint in my test and run the test, when the test pauses upon reaching the breakpoint, is everything in the test application also paused?  Are all of its threads paused?  


Also, if I halt the test after the pause, is the application-under-test also halted at that point or does TestComplete wait for the application to complete the current task(s) including allowing all threads to complete?

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Pausing the test only does that.  TestComplete does what a user does and isn't controlling your AUT behind the scenes *unless* you add that in the test.  Breakpoints or manual pauses in the test only affect the test.


Same with stopping the test.  If you have something built into your test to clean up threads or whatever else, then TestComplete will do it for you if that part of the test is executed.  If not, then you're stopping TestComplete and the AUT will go merrily on its way.  

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When a test is paused, only the execution engine of TestComplete that executes the test is paused.  The actual application can continue as normal if there are back end process that run on threaded timers or such.  I can pause TestComplete and then manually interact with the application, click buttons, process stuff, etc. 


Now, anything that TestComplete is in the middle of, when you click "Pause" or "Stop" needs to finish.  So, if you have an action that is doing a Page.Wait (for web applications) or other such things, clicking "Pause" or "Stop" needs to wait for that to complete... but again, that's just TestComplete's execution that is being paused or halted.  Once TestComplete stops it's execution, the application continues.

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