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What should be the structure of Excel file to store test data?


What should be the structure of Excel file to store test data?

I need to test a Login screen (one scenerio). For this I have made an Excel file so store test data. My Question is How test data we can store? What will be the structure of Excel file?

Following options come in my mind-    Either

1. Prepare one Excel file for each Scnerio(login screen, Customer Screen, Customer Add, Customer Delete etc)

2. Each sheet of one Excel file should represent valid and invalid test data.

For Example- Take Login Screen, We make one Excel file(Login.xls) and each sheet may have various test data.

sheet1 - Valid credentials

sheet2 - BlankUserName

sheet3 - Blank Passsword

sheet4 - Blank  both username and password 

sheet5 - Invalid Credentials

In this way we would have multiple excel files which would correspond to every scnerio.



1. Just Prepare one excel file 

2. Each sheet should represent one scenerio.and each sheet would contain valid and invalid test data for each scenerio.

In this way we have one excel file and multiple sheets correspond to multiple scenerio.


Please suggest me Which one is feasible for long-term or any other suggestion because i am new to functional testing.


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For different scenarios on one screen, I would use one sheet, one column for each data field, one row for each scenario.


Your login screen tests would then all be on one sheet, with columns for User Name and Password.  Valid credentials would be in one row, Blank User Name would be another row, etc.  Use a DDT loop to go through all the lines in the test.


I use separate files for separate test groups.  I might take your Customer tests and have Customers.xls, then a sheet for CustomerAdd that has many rows of add scenarios, another sheet for CustomerDelete scenarios, and so on.

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Hey Thanks for your suggestion.

I explained my method on your other post ....


(They're kind of the same question really. Except asked once from script perspective, once from Excel perspective. But the two really need to tie together for a good solution ...)

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