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What are people doing for READMEs for their projects?


What are people doing for READMEs for their projects?

I'm wondering how everyone handles including some kind of README/instructions for their automation. As my suites grow, I think it would be helpful for there to be READMEs for the suite and each project within, for those than run the automation and future testers. Something simple that gives an overall description of the tests and useful to know stuff. As of now I'm including a plain text file within the project, but it's not very pretty, and I can't add a text file at the top suite level like I'd like to. We also use documents in shared folders and web pages, but I think the best thing would be for the README to live in TestComplete itself.


Has anyone come up with something that works well for them?

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We use confluence topics for this.

Thanks! Do you provide a link somewhere in the TestComplete structure?

No. The deciding factor for me is the target audience. The end goal would include who the material is for. I work for a company where we do the automation internally for our own products. So the target audience is my own internal team. Thus I communicate within the team structures. I would do otherwise if I were contracting out a project. 

Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for the response!

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