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Web application automation issue with two browser sessions using KeyWord tests

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Web application automation issue with two browser sessions using KeyWord tests

HI All,


Please help me with you solution for the below automation scenario for a web application.


1. Launch IE browser with an URL.

2. Login page displayed.

3. Enter the user-id and password, click SignIn button.

4. Small popup window displays confidentiality info with "Acknowledgement" button.

5. User clicks "Acknowledgement" button.

6. It displays another browser session with "Application Under Test" which is a web based application.

7. From here onwards, user will enter the personal information like name, address etc and navigates thru many pages to create an account.


I have recorded the above steps in TestComplete using a KEYWORD test. But while replaying the recorded test, it is failing at the STEP 6 onwards. It appears, the test is not recognizing the other browser session with AUT displayed.


Please help me with your suggestions/ solutions.



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Can you post here a screenshot of your desktop at step 6 and the content of the recorded keyword test?


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Thanks for your reply. I may not be able to share the details due to privacy policy from the client. I will check again and will share if they allow.



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