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Visually enhancing test item error handling

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Visually enhancing test item error handling



I have an enhancement request that I would like to be seen added into an upcoming version of Test Complete. After submitting a change list into our source control, I had an issue where the test items for a project that referenced a function in a certain script file all had a red x beside them. When opening up the 'Select Test' dialog, I noticed that the script was not listed under 'Test Categories,' but still listed under the script folder for the particular project. After trying to figure out why, I finally just removed and re-added the script file back to the project to no avail. However, I discovered that it was because there was a duplicate function name in the script file. As you probably know, after I removed the script and re-added it, all references to it in the test items section of the project were permanently lost and I had to re-add them back in. In projects that I did not remove and re-add the script, once the script was fixed they were fine.


My request is that either a) Visually notify the user in the 'Test Categories' area of the 'Select Test' dialog that there is a problem with a particular script (maybe similar to that of when there is an issue in the 'Test Items' section or only marking function calls that have problems with a red x instead of every function in the script - someway of better error handling) instead of removing the script completely and/or b) when a script file is added, find a way to check to see if there are references to a script file of the same name and prompt the user to see if he/she would like to map those names together so that if a script file is missing or has a problem and must be re-added all references do not have to be re-added (which I might add is an extreme inconvenience and waste of time)

I have attached a screenshot that I hope will help in identifying the areas that I would like to see improved. Thank you for your time and considering my request,


Scott Stone


Hello Scott,

Thanks for your feedback.

a) We will consider improving this functionality.

b) Test Items store the unique script unit identifiers and not their names, so, TestComplete cannot update the references automatically. On the other hand, you would not face this problem if the "a" suggestion was implemented. So, we think that the "a" suggestion is what we really need to consider.

Customer Care Manager
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