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Visualizer with Keyword tests

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Visualizer with Keyword tests


i have problem with Visualizer function. Visualizer extension is installed a enbled. I enable it in options too ("Enable before recording" and "Enable before playback").

Where a record script is all right. In gutter of script test are image icons for open visualiser.

But where i record keyword test visualizer not working. In gutter of click / type actions in keyword tests are not image icons for open visualizer.

In help i find this:


When this feature is enabled, TestComplete takes a screenshot of the current
window every time a mouse click or a keystroke is recorded. Once the recording
is finished, you can view the screenshot that corresponds to a mouse click or
keystroke. To do this, open your keyword test in the Editing Keyword
or your script unit in the Code
and click the  icon shown in the gutter for
the operation that simulated the mouse or keyboard action.


Under this text is picture with keyword test and in gutter are image icons.

Is really visualizer functionaly with keyword test recording? Or only with script recording?

What i make wrong?

I use TestComplete 7.51.667.51.

Thx for answer.



In TestComplete 7, the Visualizer feature is not implemented for keyword tests. However, in TestComplete 8, this feature can be applied both to scripts and keyword tests.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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